Buster Cooper

When I'm not in the Duck woods, I spend most of my time with my wife and four children. I am a Captain in the Training Division with the Conway, AR Fire Department and Certified EMT & CPR. I have been duck hunting since the age of ten years old. Duck hunting to me is not a hobby, but a passion and a way of life.

Matt Emerson

Head Guide

Matt is a full-time retriever trainer and owner of Grand Prairie Retrievers. I am married with two children, Madison and Landon. I have been hunting since I was old enough to walk and have not stopped since. When I am not training dogs and spending time with my family, I am usually in the duck blind or the deer stand.

Grand Prairie Retrievers

Paul Blumhurst

Drake Cooper

Cody Springer

I am an avid waterfowl hunter, owner and trainer at Bull Sprig Retrievers, Inc., as well as a devoted husband and father. I pride myself in being a hardworking, patient man dedicated to making sure I put my best foot forward each and every day. New adventures wait around every corner; I live and learn from each and every one of them.


Coop's Little Sadie Lady



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